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Fall in love with this summer beach reads clean and wholesome, small-town series with second chance romance, enemies to lovers, and opposites attract love stories.
✔ Flirty & swoony heroes
✔ Strong & sassy heroines
✔ Small town charm
✔ Happily ever afters
Meet your next beach boyfriend in this Hallmark style, faith-friendly series with heart-warming friendships and love that endures.

Get the ENTIRE collection by USA Today Bestselling author Ellie Hall for over 1,000 pages of reading + a FREE novella!

These billionaires have everything except love... If you like hate to love romance, mistaken identities, opposites-attract, off the charts chemistry, and a dash of clever suspense, then you’ll adore this series.

Looking for an escape into a small town with lots of love, laughter, and happily ever afters? Welcome to Hawk Ridge Hollow. Where the guys are rich and rugged but are missing one thing. True love.

A sweet, heartwarming & uplifting clean romantic comedy series, featuring best friends, book boyfriends, true love, and unforgettable meet cutes. This collection includes books 1-3, PLUS bonus chapters!

An Unwanted Love Story: When Doug rumbles into the parking lot on his motorcycle, it’s enemies at first sight. It’s not my fault he doesn’t like ice cream, but I blame him for the fact that our lake is in trouble. The only problem is, I’m afraid he’s melting my heart. But can I trust him and let him into the sanctuary of my small town life?

An Unexpected Love Story: Let’s not talk about how I was let go from my job and had to take a position as the coffee girl at a publicity firm. We’ll definitely not discuss their newest client and how he was the former love of my life. However, it’s fair to mention that Kellan Connelly is now my fiercest adversary.

An Unlikely Love Story: Falling in love is against my rules. Maxwell doesn’t care about rules, rather recipes, but can I break mine? I try desperately not to fall in love. But what’s wrong with falling if you have someone with dark tousled hair, refined yet ruggedly handsome features, and chiseled arms to catch you? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Meet the Costa family. A bit loud. A little crazy. A whole lotta lovable! These six brothers go all in, opening a pizza parlor in a small town to help out their retired parents. They anticipate success, but they're not expecting to find love. This clean, feel-good, romantic comedy series brings laughs, love, second chances, and a lot of sunshine despite the backdrop of winter! This complete collection from USA Today bestselling author Ellie Hall includes:

Tommy & Merry and the Twelve Days of Christmas (best friend to love): No matter which way you slice it, pizza and pie are delicious, but love is complicated.

Bruno & Gloria and the Five Golden Rings (grump-sunshine): It’s not at all awkward when it turns out that you have to work with your blind date the next day.

Luca & Ivy and the Four Calling Birds (hate to love): Would you rather be stranded in a snowstorm with Miss All-things Christmas or the Grinch?

Gio & Joy and the Three French Hens (best friend's brother): It’s just a Christmas crush. Like a gingerbread house, it can’t last forever. Right?

Paulo & Noella and the Two Turtle Doves (second chance marriage): Christmas may be a time of miracles but getting back together won’t be one of them.

Nico & Hope and a Partridge in a Pear Tree (relationship of convenience): Get married to save Christmas? Why not, I don’t have anything else to lose.

AND A BONUS RECIPE that's not found in the companion cookbook!

Fall in love with this summer beach reads clean and wholesome, small town 3-book romance series.

✔ Flirty & swoony heroes

✔ Strong & sassy heroines

✔ Small town charm

✔ Happily ever afters

♥Summer with the Marine: He’s a marine who receives a sudden inheritance. She’s down on her luck and out of a job. When the childhood best friends reunite, he can give her anything she wants. But can she offer him forgiveness?

♥Summer with the Rock Star: She’s a conservative pianist who receives tragic news. He’s a wild rock star trying to escape fame. A dating dare forces them together. Will they make music or will they fall flat?

♥Summer with the Billionaire: A hot billionaire investor prepares to build a resort in town, leveling the area. A sassy restaurant owner is bent on stopping him. Things heat up on the beach and in the kitchen. Will these enemies call a truce for love?

Meet your next beach boyfriend in this trio of Hallmark style sweet small town romances. Each book stands alone but reading them in order provides a deeper, richer experience. It is a sweet, “clean and wholesome” romance, is faith-friendly, and contains a HEA.

Head back to the beach with three more clean and wholesome summer romance beach reads from the Blue Bay series.

♥Summer with the Cowboy: She’s had a lifelong case of wanderlust. He’s a cowboy with a secret past. New to town, her neighbor might just make her want to put down roots.

♥Summer with the Carpenter: She inherited a Bed & Breakfast. He’s the contractor hired to fix up the old building. They can’t stand each other, but they have to get married or lose the Inn.

♥Summer with the Doctor: She’s a jilted bride on the run. He’s a doctor seeking escape. What starts as a simple summer fling could turn into something more.

Find family, friends, and home in this small, seaside town and fall in love with this trio of heartwarming romances, featuring enemies to love, a marriage of convenience, second chances, and more. These stories are sweet, “clean and wholesome” romance, faith-friendly, and each contains a happily ever after.

Looking for an escape into a small town with lots of love, laughter, and happily ever afters? Welcome to Hawk Ridge Hollow.

Second Chance in Hawk Ridge Hollow (book 1): Tripp, a firefighter, left his heart in his hometown with Sadie. Will he get a second chance with his first love?

Finding Forever in Hawk Ridge Hollow (book 2): Kayla has three rules for her fake marriage to the billionaire rancher, Dallen, who galloped into her life. He breaks every one of them. But he’s afraid she might just break his heart.

Coming Home to Hawk Ridge Hollow (book 3): Cece’s emotions threaten to take her under. Can he win her over? Blake’s heart is locked up after a tragic accident. Does she hold the key?

Falling in Love in Hawk Ridge Hollow (book 4): Brynn doesn’t want another hero. Owen believes relationships can ruin lives. Can they trust themselves to love again?

Christmas in Hawk Ridge Hollow (book 5): An age-old family feud keeps Frankie and Rocky apart. Can the spirit of Christmas bring them together? They’re not looking for a miracle, but they might just need one.

♥Contains a bonus scene and material not included in the individual books!♥

Fall in love with your next billionaire book boyfriend. This collection includes books 2-5 from the Only Us Billionaire Romance Series. They’re sweet, “clean and wholesome” romance without swearing or mature content and contain a happily ever after. If you like hate to love romance, mistaken identities, opposites-attract love, off the charts chemistry, and a dash of clever suspense, then you’ll adore this series.

♥Only a Kiss with a Billionaire: She prefers cookies and nights in with Netflix. He's a model and would rather be out on the town. Forced to stage a fake relationship will they keep running toward the past or into each other's arms?

♥Only a Night with a Billionaire: She wants to forget about her ex and live a fairytale life if only for a night. He wants to be free of his royal duties and find true love forever. They’re from different worlds. Can they break the rules and make it work?

♥Only Forever with a Billionaire: She’s a single mom trying to make ends meet and protect her fragile heart. He’s a rough-around-the-edges cowboy with no interest in marriage or family life. What they really need is each other.

♥Only Love with a Billionaire: She’s a princess. He’s a spy. Time is against them along with a distant relation, vying for the crown, and it’s up to the unlikely couple to fight for their relationship or say goodbye forever.

Click to start reading this series today! Each book stands alone, but don't miss Only a Date with a Billionaire, book 1 in the series.♥

Visit Smuggler’s Springs where you’ll find cowboy hats, moonlight kisses, and small-town charm along with family sagas, romance, and of course, happily ever afters. This box set includes Exclusive Bonus Material and the following four books:

Book 1: Rustling the Cowboy’s Heart ♥ They’re frenemies but have to get married to rescue the ranch from ruin.

Book 2: Lassoing the Cowboy’s Heart ♥ She’s a country mouse. He’s a country music star. Opposites attract but these two have more in common than they thought.

Book 3: Trusting the Cowboy’s Heart ♥ She’s from a rival family. He’s not supposed to like her. Can they make a forbidden romance work?

Book 4: Kissing the Christmas Cowboy ♥ She’s from the wrong side of the tracks. His life is a train wreck. Can they survive Christmas?

Read this collection by USA Today Bestselling Author, Ellie Hall with a mystery subplot and lots of laughs along the way.