Nebraska Knights Holiday Hockey Romance: The Knights are the toughest team on the ice, but out of uniform, they’re guys with hearts of gold. Mostly. Some are grumps and others are secret cinnamon rolls, but all of them will find love no matter the holiday.

Does Cupid have a nice list? Never mind. Forget it. I’m breaking up with Valentine’s Day.

It started innocently enough with a harmless inquiry about a cute guy at a coffee shop. The goal was to get back in the romance game. The search turned into a social media frenzy. #DesperatelySeekingDane was not available. Talk about a buzzkill.

Just when I thought things couldn’t become more dramatic, because of my five minutes of online fame, a TV production company reached out to me as a last-minute contestant in a dating contest. It was an instant yes because one of the three bachelors is a major movie star and my lifelong crush.

Here's the twist: I’m matched with the third-place prize, a daredevil hockey player I can't stand. Let’s just say we have a brief but storied history involving shrill whistles, spilled coffee, and a bloody incident in an elevator.

However, turns out the date is only the opening act. We end up in each other’s debt, resulting in a meet-the-parents situation. But we kind of hit it off. As things heat up between us, sparks fly and the ice begins to melt. Can I be falling for the guy I loathe?