The Love List Series: Five bad boy football players get into trouble after a prank goes wrong and are sent to reform school. Read this clean romantic comedy series where jocks become gentlemen, women get treated like royalty, and all the sass and spark in between.

That gig as a Disney princess didn’t do me any favors in the popularity department, but my BGF made sure I kept the tiara. According to him, I'm practically royalty. Pshaw.

I failed at living the life of a fairytale princess after falling in a fountain and going viral on social media. I need a new job fast, preferably far away.

Desperate, I say yes to becoming an etiquette coach for rich and famous adults in need of refinement in a distant and widely unknown country. It’s personal relations rehab and comes with a heaping scoop of anonymity.

My first client got in trouble for a prank gone wrong that turned into a scandal. Hashtag relatable, minus the prank part. That joke was on me. I get tasked with the hotshot, over-the-top football star...who also happens to be my BGF, best guy friend.

We’ve stayed in touch since high school via text, but upon seeing her again after all these years, she’s no longer just the girl next door. Something sparks between us. Or that could be the firecrackers I lit in the hallway.

I’m the first to admit that I’m quick-witted and cocky, on and off the field, forcing her to channel her cheery princess personality to teach me how to be a gentleman. Turns out I rather like these lessons.

When tragedy strikes, she gets a glimpse into my past that I’d kept hidden. Instead of driving her away, she doesn’t leave my side. Can’t say I mind. Unfortunately, if I get romantically involved, especially with someone as smart, funny, and cute as my best friend, I’m off the team.

Will we keep things in the friend zone or fall in love and wind up in the (happily ever after) end zone?

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but it turns out hate at first sight is definitely real.


I gave up my career in professional ballet to pursue a college degree. It was the logical and safe choice—and not only because a degree would secure me a 401k. Back home, I had to escape the barbarian my parents wanted me to marry.

Leaving the past behind, I landed a job as an etiquette coach. I quickly learned how to transform cavemen into gentlemen. However, having gained my independence, I’m not looking for one of my own.

And I’m certainly not looking at my latest client, the football player they call “the Wolf.” Not at his large hands, broad shoulders, or his captivating eyes. I’m no Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve had enough of big, bad men, thank you very much.


Getting in trouble with my commissioner after an error in judgment and having to attend etiquette training isn’t the worst part of the punishment. No, that’s getting benched from dating or hooking up while at “reform school.”

My nickname isn’t unfounded. I have plenty of room in my life for women, just not relationships. Then again, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun with the sassy and striking, yet tightly wound woman assigned as my new image coach.

She despises me—or maybe just football and fooling around. Typically, I take over a room with my swagger alone but can’t seem to get her to let her hair down. When the real-world application of our lessons takes us on a camping trip, things between us get serious—life and death serious—and I suddenly can’t imagine mine without her.

We’re opposites in every way, rivals on the field, so why are we so attracted to each other?

Shh. My new client is my high school crush and no one can find out.

Put this in the vault: my new etiquette coach is the one who got away. Going after her is against the rules. The big your best friend’s sister is forbidden rule.

I clawed my way back to believing in true love after healing from a broken heart. But that’s in the past and I’m a capable, modern woman. Also, a little clumsy, but we all have our quirks, right?

I certainly don’t need my parents meddling in my love life and trying to marry me off. I can do that myself—turns out I can also trip and fall on my own too. The thing is, I already fell once (big mistake) and am afraid that maybe I haven’t quite gotten over him after all.

So, I do the logical thing and work as an etiquette coach, putting me among the social elite, including some promising prospects. Turns out being clumsy isn’t the worst of my weird luck because my high school crush crashes right back into my life.

As the Boston Bruiser’s quarterback, I’m in the spotlight and get a lot of flak for my perpetual bachelorhood, but I don’t want to settle down until I find “the one.” Problem is, once upon a time I did, then messed things up.

After a team prank goes awry, the coach calls a foul and I have to attend etiquette coaching with the added rule that dating is off-limits. This should be a cinch...until the woman of my dreams stumbles back into my life.

When our parents pressure us to get hitched, I propose we just fake an engagement to appease them until they come to their senses. The problem is, I haven’t. At least not when it comes to Pippa. When the lines blur, I’m not sure if I’m headed for a touchdown or a disaster.

What will happen if we toss out the rules and make up our own?

I’m not looking for a beast, a bad boy, or a football player, but it turns out this grump is playing for keeps.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a romantic at heart and expected my marriage to be everything I’d dreamed of. Turns out my ex was a toad, and not the kind that turns into a prince with a kiss.

After fleeing that ordeal, it wasn’t only my heart that needed healing. A job with insurance wasn’t enough and I did something to cover my treatment that makes me feel guilty every day. But I’m still alive and kicking, so that’s a plus.

When I start work as an etiquette coach, my first client looks like a Viking—and acts like one too—then I uncover more than one secret that connects our pasts, but also threatens to ruin the present.

I wasn’t always the strong silent type, but it’s easier to keep quiet, so I remain in control. That helps on the football field, but not when the commissioner’s response to a poorly timed prank is worse than a tackle.

A sunshine-all-the-time life coach tries to tame and transform me, but no way am I letting her question the cage in my chest. That’s out of bounds. But I catch feelings anyway, and there’s no playbook for how to handle hearts.

When her ex threatens her with blackmail, let’s just say I consult my cheat sheet and show him who wears the championship ring. While things cool off, we retreat to my lakeside cabin, but whenever she and I are in the same room together, the space between us seems to heat up.

What started as a personal relations recovery program veers toward relationship territory, but can we each soften our hearts?

I’m on Santa’s nice list. He’s on the naughty list, but now he wants a second chance. I’m fresh out of charity...and cookies.

I’d like to say I’m back in my hometown with bells on to see the annual Christmas parade and light show. Instead, I’m here to help my ailing mother survive the holidays. When I literally run into my high school sweetheart who is now a pro football star—okay, I was out for a jog and wish I could've hid from him—I’ll need a miracle (and some egg nog) to make it to the new year.

Going back home wasn’t on my Christmas wish list this year, but running into my high school sweetheart is a gift I didn’t realize I wanted. And it keeps on giving when I have the chance to play Santa at her mother’s care center. The only bah humbug is that my father’s will stipulates I get married by Christmas or lose the money to fund my non-profit.

Then we find a lost kitten.
He bakes some cookies for me.
And we get snowed in together.
She reminds me what love is.
Miracles do happen.

The field clock and the countdown to Christmas are on, and we’re left with the choice to forgive the past or lose each other forever.