Ritchie Ranch Cowboy Romance: Cowboy hats, moonlight kisses, and small town charm along with family sagas, romance, and of course, happily ever after. Note: The first three books should be read in order because of a mystery subplot, but the rest stand alone, though reading them in order provides a deeper, richer, and more immersive experience.

They’re frenemies but have to get married to save the ranch from ruin.

After a recent breakup leaves Amelia Ames with suspicions about her ex, she doubles down on documenting the history of her small town of Smuggler’s Springs. However, when her high school crush crosses her radar, she finds herself distracted.

When Parker Ritchie loses his father, he’s devastated, but he’s also confused about the stipulation in the will that he get married. His bigger concern is losing the ranch. That is until the girl who got away pops back into his life.

When a double date goes wrong, Amelia is in a position to help Parker save legendary Ritchie Ranch, but only if they tie the knot. Questions about who is behind the rash of vandalism on the property and a tragedy in the past threaten to keep them apart.

Will Amelia and Parker’s marriage of convenience be exposed or turn into a happily ever after?

Because of a mystery subplot, the first three books are best read in order for a deeper, richer experience. It is a sweet, small-town, cowboy “clean and wholesome” romance that’s Christian faith-friendly without swearing or mature content and contains a happily ever after. Audiobook

She’s a country mouse. He’s a country music star. Opposites attract but these two have more in common than they thought.

Hattie Swan has secret dreams of being a photographer, but after her parents pass away, she’s left running the family market. Everything, including her love life, plays second fiddle. When a famous musician saunters into her store humming her favorite tune, she’s smitten. Too bad he’s out of her league.

Duke Ritchie is back home in Smuggler’s Springs to help rescue the family ranch when he runs into a beautiful woman at the local market. Even though he helps uncover crimes against the ranch likely caused by a rival family, he can’t take his mind off her. Too bad he’s heading back out on tour soon.

Everything Hattie wants seems just out of reach until Duke offers to play at the Fall Fair, which she organizes, bringing them together. Unfortunately, someone wants to see the event, and the Ritchie property, in ruins.

At the barn dance, Hattie and Duke are just one kiss away from forever, but can they have both their Texas-sized dreams and each other? Audiobook

She’s from a rival family. He’s not supposed to like her. Can they make a forbidden romance work?

Adeline Cole is not looking for love. She only returns home to add a horse to her therapeutic riding business. Not to see her family for Thanksgiving and definitely not to meet a cowboy whose kiss takes her breath away.

Clint Ritchie served in the military for twenty years. He should stand proud upon his return home, but shadows from his past haunt him along with an injury. He aims to help save the family ranch and not get back in the saddle.

After a luggage mix up, Adeline convinces Clint to fake a relationship to spare her from having to face her lousy ex. When their stories get tangled, they spend more time together and uncover secrets from the past that might just save the ranch.

Sparks fly, but their families have a long-standing feud. Can they find common ground for a future together? k

She’s from the wrong side of the tracks. His life is a train wreck. Can they survive Christmas?

Natalie Winters grew up believing she wouldn’t amount to much. When her sister gets a new job that will help pay medical bills, Natalie takes her place as a nanny in one of the legendary Ritchie family households. She works hard and doesn’t want to be seen as a charity case, but opening her heart at Christmas is harder than she expects.

Camden Ritchie, a widower and single dad, adores his kids, but they’re a handful. When he hires a nanny, she has both Mary Poppins energy and gorgeous good looks—not at all what he expected. Since losing his wife, he’s been closed off, but she brings joy to the entire family. He can’t have her, but denying his love is harder than putting socks on a hog.

When disaster strikes involving four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a dozen goats, they need a miracle to save the Christmas pageant, proving they might just have the family and true love they’re each looking for.

She was looking for a new life. He’d rather be a loner. A mysterious letter brings them together.

Dakota is a single mother trying to make ends meet. When she finds herself in Smuggler’s Springs, she falls in love...with the town. Not a guy. Nope. She doesn’t want one of those in her life. Been there. Done that. Didn’t work out so well. Instead, she’s looking for simplicity. Stability.

Anyone who’s ever met Tanner Ritchie steers clear of him. The guy has a rough past and is more of a wild stallion than a prancing pony. Being back home, he has the opportunity for a fresh start. Best for him to work on the ranch and focus on getting his life back in order.

That whisper of loneliness? Dakota ignores it. Tanner too. That is until he gets a letter. When Tanner shows up on Dakota’s doorstep with a promise, she knows better than to trust guys like him. Especially ones who knew her ex. But for once in Tanner’s life, he’s determined to do the right thing...and try not to fall in love in the process.

Will Dakota get the family she’s always wanted or will she walk away with a broken heart...again?

She inherited an old doughnut shop. He lost a bet and has to work there. The trouble is he’s falling for his boss.

For Felicity, the first day at Doughnut Dollies leaves her sticky with frosting and up to her elbows in regret. She bites off more than she can chew with the new business endeavor and hires her first employee. Unfortunately, he’s the town flirt.

Jamison loses a bet and has to work at the doughnut shop in town. He’s a rugged cowboy. Not a doughy salesman. But he can’t say no to his boss...or her doughnuts. Dating Felicity is off-limits, but he’s convinced she’s with Mr. Wrong and is out to prove it.

Felicity has a baker’s dozen reasons to keep things with Jamison business only. But when someone repeatedly sabotages the doughnut shop, they have to work together to bake their way out of the dilemma.

Along the way, will they realize what they have together is actually pretty sweet?

She has a secret. He’s a secret agent. But the biggest risk they face is love.

Leaving city life behind, Aubree hopes to disappear in the small town of Smuggler’s Springs. Working at her aunt’s Bed & Breakfast is the perfect escape until she meets her mail-order business partner. He’s frustratingly handsome, yet hardly gives her the time of day even though he’s always around.

Harrison Ritchie is a covert operative and the roles he plays take him all over the world. His latest assignment sends him to his hometown. Not only are strange things going on at the B&B, but the woman he has to protect is sweet, smart, and spunky, making his job doubly difficult.

She’s convinced the bookstore is haunted. He’s trying to uncover a theft. She can’t risk revealing her secret. He can’t blow his cover. But it gets increasingly difficult to ignore the sparks between them. Aubree and Harrison have to figure out the truth and risk exposing their identities in the process.

More than lives are on the line, they risk saying goodbye to happily ever after forever.

She’s in charge of saving lives, but can she save him from losing his small-town heart and hope amidst tragedy?

Lucy Ritchie left the family ranch to work as a nurse in the city. When a chemical spill turns into a natural disaster, it’s all hands on deck. Distance from family and friends locks her in loneliness until someone from her past appears, sparking old feelings.

Cody Bowen tried to escape the limelight after a country music scandal. When he gets word that an estranged loved one is ill, he rushes to their bedside and discovers what and who have been missing from his life all those years on the road.

Stuck in the city until the toxins are contained and it’s safe to travel, Lucy is desperate to go home, especially when she learns of her mother’s diagnosis. As the weeks pass and Cody brings music and light back into her life, she realizes that in many ways home came to her...but he also brought baggage.

Despite obstacles, Lucy and Cody get a second chance together, making the future feel less uncertain. However, when the cowboy’s past catches up with him and splinters Lucy’s trust, will love be enough to bridge the space between them?

Visit Smuggler’s Springs where you’ll find cowboy hats, moonlight kisses, and small-town charm along with family sagas, romance, and of course, happily ever afters. This box set includes Exclusive Bonus Material and the following four books:

Book 1: Rustling the Cowboy’s Heart ♥ They’re frenemies but have to get married to rescue the ranch from ruin.

Book 2: Lassoing the Cowboy’s Heart ♥ She’s a country mouse. He’s a country music star. Opposites attract but these two have more in common than they thought.

Book 3: Trusting the Cowboy’s Heart ♥ She’s from a rival family. He’s not supposed to like her. Can they make a forbidden romance work?

Book 4: Kissing the Christmas Cowboy ♥ She’s from the wrong side of the tracks. His life is a train wreck. Can they survive Christmas?

Read this collection by USA Today Bestselling Author, Ellie Hall with a mystery subplot and lots of laughs along the way.