A breakup and a breakdown were not part of the plan—my car. Not me. However, I’m teetering toward needing a tune-up because this grumpy mechanic has me running on empty.

When given the choice between making good on some savage song lyrics after my ex-boyfriend does me dirty or driving south, I take the risk—the one that probably won’t get me arrested. Here I come Hogwash-somewhere-or-other!

I was an aspiring country singer, trying to make my way in Nashville. A while back, a fan sent me a sweet note, old-fashioned style, on stationery. Reminding me of my grandmother, we became pen pals. I recently learned she passed away and left me her soda fountain—whatever that is.

Now I’m stuck in this rough around the edges town and it turns out I co-own the dump—it’s seen more storms than sunshine—with the grump next door. I’m not sure what to make of it or JQ after our meet rude, but watching the retired

Navy SEAL flex his skills and his muscles isn’t exactly a hardship.

Fulfilling Nan’s wishes means we have to work together, but someone tries to get in our way and I learn not only does this small town on the bayou contain secrets, JQ has one too. Then again, he doesn’t know I’ve fallen—for him, not off the ladder while dusting cobwebs.

The problem is, it’s sunny on my side of the street and he has full cloud cover on his. But maybe together we can spot a rainbow—and it’ll inspire us to write a song of our own.