I love having books signed by my favorite authors and now you can get a bookplate sticker, signed by me, to attach to your favorite Ellie Hall book.

What it is: this is a bookplate sticker with the sweet & swoony graphic and will have Ellie Hall’s signature.

Options: Choose just signature to get just that. Alternatively, on the 15th of every month, I will do a live book signing at 3pm EST on YouTube and will personalize the bookplate while you watch! 

Please note, with this option, you’ll have to wait until after the monthly signing to get your item. So if you order it on the 1st of the month, you’ll have to wait until I ship it after the 15th.

Please note: personalization is limited to 50 characters.

I love having books signed by my favorite authors, but how do you sign an eBook? Well, you can’t officially do that, unless you want me to scribble on your device’s screen ;) However, a digital bookplate is the next best thing!

What it is: this is a digital file with an image of my regular sweet & swoony bookplate with Ellie Hall’s signature.

How to get it: I you would like the graphic image, click PNG. I you'd like to easily send the bookplate to your eReader, using Bookfunnel, click Bookfunnel Download

What to do with it: You can keep it on your device, or if you’re able to organize your eBooks, add it to your digital bookshelf with your collection of books by Ellie Hall. Please note: it can’t be attached to any one book’s file.

Enjoy this collection of savory and sweet pie recipes, of the pizza and baked variety, pulled from the pages of the clean romantic comedy series The Costa Brothers Cozy Comfort Christmas books.

This cookbook contains family favorites, crowd-pleasers, and a few bonuses from the Christmas-themed romantic comedy series. Recipes range from the classic margherita pizza to the unique tiramisu pie of Tommy’s heart. You’ll also find Ivy’s Christmas cookies, a gluten-free pizza crust for Joy, and Nico’s hot chocolate bombs.

If you found your mouth watering while reading the series, now you can try your favorite recipes inspired by the books as well as read author notes not seen elsewhere.

May this cookbook bring you comfort and joy this holiday season and all year long.